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Sports Income Protection features, at a glance

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What is sports income protection insurance?

It's the help you need to pay your essential bills when you're unable to work. When you think of how much (OK, let's be honest - how little!) statutory sick pay (SSP) would come your way after a sports injury or any other kind of accident - no matter what your personal circumstances - it definitely makes sense to have some protection insurance in place, just in case.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Income Protection

Could you afford to pay your mortgage, rent and essential bills if you were unable to work due to a sports accident?

Does sports income protection insurance cover every kind of sport?

Some insurers cover most sports, but not always high-risk sports such as rugby, horse racing, extreme sports or motorsports, while other insurers cover against accidents whilst taking part in any amateur sporting activity. But with our experience and contacts in the insurance industry, we're certain to find the right policy for you.

Does sports income protection insurance also cover non-sporting accidents?

Yes, sports income protection insurance isn't just to help with income in the event of a sports injury - it's also a form of personal accident insurance, so you've got overall protection should any kind of accident or sports-related injury mean you're unable to work.

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Should I take out any additional cover when taking out sports income protection insurance?

It will depend on your circumstances, but you can choose to add:

One of our knowledgeable advisers will help you by first discussing with you your existing circumstances, such as:

Once we have this information we will design a personalised package of benefits to ensure you are properly protected, especially whilst taking part in your sports. Our aim to protect you, your home, your family and your finances.

When considering what protection you need, much depends on the type of sport you take part in - if it's something that involves a lot of hard impacts resulting in a sports injury then we'd definitely recommend you take out fracture cover in addition to a sports accident insurance policy.

What is Fracture Cover?

This is a policy that will provide you with a lump sum of up to £6,000 in the event of a specified fracture, whether it's a sports-related injury or an accident off the sports field.

We should mention that not all fracture cover insurers cover every sport, but we'll make sure you've got complete protection for every sport you take part in - either with combined sports loss of earnings and fracture cover on the same policy, or on two separate sports insurance policies.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Income Protection

Receive extra lump sum payments of up to £6,000 should you fracture a bone

If I've got a high-risk job will I still be covered?

Absolutely - we deal with companies whose insurance covers any accident whilst taking part in working at height, working with dangerous materials, working in dangerous environments or other kinds of dangerous activities - in fact covering any kind of professional risk, so we can provide you with financial protection if you're unable to work due to an injury at home, at work or at play.

Will sports income protection insurance cover me if I'm self-employed?

Of course - we can arrange a policy that will pay out a regular guaranteed amount so you know you've got a predictable income while you're recovering from your sports injury.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Income Protection

Self employed? High risk trade?

We've got you covered!

How much does sports income protection insurance cost?

That's not a question we can answer straight away - there are too many variables to take into account. So we'll talk about just two of them below:

Short or LONG-TERM cover

Many insurers offer cover up to retirement age and beyond. However, the difference between short and long-term cover actually relates to the length of time any claim gets paid out for, AKA the "benefit period".

Short-term means payment would typically continue for one, two or five years, while long-term would go on for longer than that up to your chosen retirement age.

So the length of the benefit period will be reflected in the cost of your policy.

Waiting periods

As a rule of thumb, the shorter the waiting time between an injury claim and the start of receiving your policy benefits, the higher your premium.

Typical waiting periods are one week, four weeks, eight weeks - or even longer after sickness or a sporting injury if you're receiving sick pay benefits. But it's possible to arrange benefit payouts as soon as any sick pay you've been receiving is reduced or stopped completely.

Other variables that can affect the cost of sports income protection insurance, include:

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Income Protection

Cover starts from just £2 per week

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Sports Income Protection Frequently Asked Questions

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