Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Health Insurance

Sports Health Insurance

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Health Insurance

Sports Health Insurance

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Health Insurance

Sports Health Insurance

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Sports Health Insurance features, at a glance

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What is sports health insurance?

Sports Health Insurance is a medical insurance policy that combines cover for sports injuries with all the typical benefits you will find on standard health insurance. This means you've got personal accident cover whilst taking part in your sports, as well as cover for any health problems that could occur at any time.

Will our sports health insurance cover any sport?

Yes - we handpick the best specialist sports accident insurance policy to cover your taking part in any sport, whatever it may be - from simple Saturday afternoon footie... to all types of water sports... and to the most hazardous of extreme sports.

We help you decide on the best combination of health and sports insurance for your requirements.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Health Insurance

Avoid NHS waiting lists, get covered by our sports health insurance

What is included in our sports health insurance?

Diagnostic Cover

Diagnosis of health issues and sports injuries

As well as covering you for health issues, our sports insurance covers common and not-so-common sports injuries, including:

  • Impact injuries
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Torn tendons
  • Ruptured ligaments

Immediate diagnosis

To receive the best treatment for illness or sports-related injuries it is essential to get a proper diagnosis as quickly as possible. In many cases, your doctor will need to refer you to a specialist for a scan or further investigations, which can take a long time on the NHS.

So this is when your sports health insurance policy comes into its own, covering you for:

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Health Insurance

Quick diagnosis with X-ray, MRI, CT and PET scans

How quickly will I get a consultation with a specialist, investigations and scans?

The beauty of having sports health insurance cover is that you're not tied down to a busy NHS schedule - you can decide on the time and date of an appointment to suit you. For conditions such as cancer, this cover can be a lifesaving and priceless service.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Health Insurance

Specialist consultations at a time that suits you

Treatment cover

If you were to have a sports accident and suffer a serious injury like an ACL-rupture, it is likely that surgery and/or other treatment will be required to ensure your knee makes a full recovery.

Your sports injury insurance policy will cover the cost of both surgery and treatments, whether you require in-patient hospitalisation or outpatient visits. Covered costs include

What about treatments not available on the NHS?

Typically certain treatments not available on the NHS will be covered by a private policy. Such a policy can often even cover the cost of treatment abroad, should it be recommended by a medical professional.

Will I get a choice of hospitals?

Yes - when it comes to any kind of treatment, all of our policy options have a comprehensive list of private hospitals and medical facilities for you to choose from.

Can I choose the specialist who treats me?

Yes - your cover will give you a choice of specialists to treat you.

Some sports health insurance options allow you to limit the number of specialists you can choose from. This can lower the cost of your policy quite considerably.

Treatments for illness

Of course - sports players are not immune from illness. So it is important to know your policy will also cover you for illness, not just for sport-related injuries.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Health Insurance

You will get a choice of private hospitals and specialists

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What other benefits are available?

You can choose to add complementary therapies to your health and sports accident insurance policy. These benefits can be accessed simply by a referral from your doctor. Once your doctor has advised you that you require complementary therapy as part of your treatment, your cover means you can immediately access services including:

Physiotherapy treatments

Physiotherapy is often required by many sportspeople for rehabilitation following an injury. With this benefit included in your policy, your cover will entitle you to a number of private physiotherapy sessions per year.

Osteopath and Chiropractor treatments

Sports injuries can cause back and neck injuries, and even sciatica - all of which can require manipulation and treatment from a qualified osteopath or chiropractor. This benefit will entitle you to a number of sessions per year from a private practitioner.

Acupuncture treatments

Sport-related damage to nerves and soft tissues can often benefit from acupuncture treatments. (It's also an effective painkiller.) If acupuncture is recommended by your doctor, then your policy will cover the costs of a number of sessions per year from a private acupuncturist.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Health Insurance

Physiotherapy, osteopath and acupuncture treatments

Mental Health treatments

Although this benefit is not directly related to your sport, mental health is a serious problem these days. The stress of life, work and relationships can take its toll on the best of us.

Cancer treatments

You may wish to include the Cancer Treatment option. This cover will ensure you get the very best care thanks to access to all covered cancer treatments - some of which are not yet available on the NHS - and which will be PAID IN FULL.

This option means you are covered for a number of sessions per year with psychologists and/or counsellors and it covers the costs of in-patient hospitalisation due to mental illness conditions (limitations apply).

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Health Insurance

Receive pioneering cancer treatments, not always available on the NHS

Dental and Optical treatments

Emergency treatment

If you suffer an accident whilst taking part in any kind of sport and it causes serious damage to your bones and teeth, you're covered by the sports insurance side of your policy for the cost of any necessary major surgery to repair that damage.

Routine treatments

This is for more than just sports injuries - you can benefit from cover for routine dental treatment, such as check-ups, fillings and implants.

Eye tests and treatments are also covered - whether they are related to any sports injury or your general health.

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Sports Travel Insurance

Combining sports health insurance with travel cover means you can enjoy sports while you're away on holiday with the family - without worrying for the whole trip if you're voiding the terms of your family holiday insurance policy.

We can arrange annual travel insurance for sports players that's both health and sport related. It could be valid just for Europe or valid worldwide, for you by yourself or for you and your family when you're travelling abroad to provide cover for:

  • Disrupted or delayed travel
  • Medical emergency expenses
  • Medical treatment abroad
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Repatriation costs
  • Lost baggage
  • Lost or stolen sports equipment
  • Damage to sports equipment
  • Lost or stolen valuables and money
  • Legal expenses and assistance
Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Health Insurance

Choose to add annual travel insurance

How do we get you the best sports health insurance policy?

First, we'll need some details about your health and lifestyle to cover the health side of your combination policy. And then, of course, we'll need to know about the sporting activities you enjoy.

Then we use those details to compare the coverage, benefits and prices offered by the UK's top sports insurance and health insurance providers.

Based on that comparison we find the most suitable combination of health and sports insurance policies for you to choose the best one from. And if you find making that choice of important cover difficult, we're always here to help you decide.

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Properly selecting a sports insurance policy that also covers health can be incredibly complicated, but we're on hand to help you every step of the way.

Not only do we have in-depth knowledge of personal accident insurance and sports insurance based on our years of experience, but we also understand the actual sports themselves, together with the risks attached to each of them, so we can find you the most appropriate sports-related personal injury cover.

And as an independent sports insurance and health insurance broker, we're not tied to any one health or sports insurance provider, meaning we can find you the very best sports health insurance policies to choose from.

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So whatever your taste in sports, should you find yourself needing treatment because of an injury - or if ill-health knocks you back - the policy we arrange for you means you can be up and running and enjoying those sports again sooner than you'd think!