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Sports Injury Insurance

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Before you take to the field, pitch or any other playing location, have you thought about what will happen if you have a sports accident? Have you considered whether you need income protection if you get injured playing sports? Anyone who plays a sport is at risk of an injury over the years. If this happens, you will more than likely feel an impact on your income, especially if you cannot work.

Would you be able to afford to pay your bills? Could you manage to keep on top of your mortgage payments? If the answer is no, you are in the right place. Quote Sports Insurance are the UK's number one personal accident insurance service for sports people!

The range of sports injury insurance options we can offer you at Quote Sports Insurance include personal accident insurance, sport medical insurance and more. Get in touch today for your personalised and tailored insurance plan.

What is Sports Accident Insurance?

Right here in the UK, we are a nation of sports lovers; millions of us enjoy it; whether you play football at grassroots level or you are a professional downhill mountain biker, we all have one thing in common, we can get injured!

Some sports enthusiasts do not consider what happens when we get injured. Who pays our bills? What happens if we cannot work? Well, the answer is, with the right sports accident insurance, you can be covered for aspects such as loss of earnings.

Sports Injury Insurance can help with unexpected costs, such as paying bills when you are injured; we are the best insurance broker in the UK and can also tie in free multi-sports cover on all sports accident insurance policies.

What type of Sports Injury Insurance cover do you require?

Product Comparison

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Features available

Income Protection

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Entry age 16 16 18
Children from 6 months
Monthly income
If you are unable to work due to accident or sickness

Up to £10k/month
Fracture cover
Broken bones, ligament tears, tendon ruptures and dislocations

Cash lump sums up to £7,500

Cash lump sums up to £7,500
Life benefit
Cash lump sum amount of your choice
Critical illness benefit
Covering serious conditions such as:
cancer, stroke, heart disease and traumatic head injuries

Cash lump sum amount of your choice
Scans and investigations
Access to prompt MRIs, PET and CT scans
Hospital treatment
Use of private hospitals and facilities
All sports covered
Amateur sports
Semi-pro and professional sports
Specialist insurers available

Specialist insurers available
Overseas cover

Benefits of Sports Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance

Income Protection

Cash benefits for breaks and dislocations

Cover costs of private medical treatment

Medical treatment (e.g. physio) is covered

Is Sports Injury Insurance right for you?

Here at Quote Sports Insurance, we would argue that sports injury insurance is for everybody; it is essential to have it in place if anything goes wrong as you do not want to rush back to work after a severe injury.

Whether you have a light manual occupation or work as an employment class d driver, your job is essential; without it, you won't have an income. Our team knows that many people play sports, and whether you play professionally or as an amateur, you need sports injury insurance.

The compensation and benefits you can receive when you take our sports accident insurance can vary based on your insurance provider. Still, our team are the UK's best insurance broker, so we will find the best package for you, including if you are self-employed.

So, regardless of whether you play sports for fun or compete at an advanced level, we recommend taking out some form of financial protection. You need to be protected if you sustain an injury, severe or life-changing.

How does Sports Injury Insurance work?

Once you have decided that injury insurance is the right course of action, you must speak with one of our professional insurance brokers here at Quote Sports Insurance. Once you have found an insurance policy that covers your needs, you will generally pay an agreed-upon monthly fee when taking out the injury cover.

If you ever need to check your policy use or firm reference number, you can access your account to learn more about your exact payment dates and premium.

Please remember that if you do extreme sports, dangerous sports or any kind of sport where an injury is more likely, this must be declared when talking to one of our injury insurance brokers.

If you do not disclose the correct information when taking out the premium insurance policy, it could void the cover, meaning you would be left stuck should you get injured.

Choose Quote Sports Insurance for Sports Injury Insurance - complete our online form to find out more!

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