Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Club Insurance

Sports Club Insurance

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Club Insurance

Sports Club Insurance

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Club Insurance

Sports Club Insurance

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Facility and sports club insurance

In this day and age of ‘sue first, ask questions afterwards’, it's so much better to be safe than sorry, no matter what the situation.

Whether it's to protect you against a claim by a club member, or a member of the public who suffers an injury on your premises or any other premises linked to your club... or if you employ staff who decide to start an employment dispute... or if any of your sports equipment is stolen, we can arrange the most suitable sports club insurance cover for you.

This way you've got peace of mind knowing your club, your staff and volunteers, your members, your premises, your sports equipment and your business as a whole have the best and most suitable financial protection available.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Club Insurance

We can cover all types of sports clubs, including golf club insurance

Basic insurance for sports clubs

Basic cover for sports clubs and facilities should definitely include Employers' Liability insurance (it's a legal requirement), Public Liability insurance (not a legal requirement, but definitely essential!) and cover for Grounds and Buildings, Sports Ground and Club Contents, and Commercial Legal Expenses. We can arrange cover in the form of a single policy to take care of all of those aspects - and more - for you and your club.


Employers liability insurance provides cover for employees, volunteers and committee members, with standard coverage at £10 million. So should an employee or volunteer fall ill or suffer an injury as a result of working for your club and claim compensation, you're covered.

Public liability insurance covers the cost of legal fees, legal action and compensation claims made against your sports club if a third party is injured, whether or not they're using your sports equipment, or if their property suffers damage while at your sports club. Standard coverage for injury or third-party property damage can run between £1 – 10 million, which is typically more than enough to cover compensation payments.

Directors' and officers' liability insurance covers the cost of third-party compensation claims made against them and their spouses personally by employees, investors, shareholders, associations or other third parties.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Club Insurance

Public Liability insurance for sports clubs

Grounds and buildings

Buildings cover is pretty much essential if your club leases or owns its grounds, buildings and/or sports facility.

Playing surface cover protects pitches, courts and other playing surfaces from accidental damage, as well as deliberate vandalism.

Sports ground and club contents

Sports fixtures and fittings cover provides protection against damage and theft of specialist equipment such as floodlights, goal posts and cricket nets. It's separate from the sports equipment cover, which looks after equipment such as rowing machines, weights and exercise bikes.

Groundsman's plant and machinery cover protects against damage and theft of equipment stored on the premises to be used to keep the grounds in optimal condition - from basic hand tools to ride-on mowers.

General contents cover protects the club building or office, together with the contents of the club's shop, excluding items for sale there.

Stock cover is required if the club sells equipment and other kinds of merchandise such as food or drink (except alcohol).

Stock of alcohol cover is required separately from stock cover if the club sells alcohol.

Money cover insures cash on the premises during daytime and kept in a locked safe overnight.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Club Insurance

We can cover your clubhouse and your sports club's buildings and contents

Commercial legal expenses

This type of insurance policy covers the cost of legal fees, legal costs and/or representation arising from serious legal or employment disputes such as an employment tribunal, or a dispute over a commercial contract.

It may be that you feel your club insurance plans don't include many of the above (but don't forget employers' liability insurance is very much a legal requirement), so rest assured we won't try and talk you into anything we know you won't need. But then again, there's a lot more cover you can choose from.

Why choose us for Sports Club Insurance?

Comprehensive panel of sports club insurers

Choice of sports club insurance products

Team, club and injury insurance options

Free quote and comparison service

What other types of insurance for sports clubs are available?

Other types of cover can include insurance policies for:

  • Trustee and Professional Indemnity insurance (including loss of income due to time spent in court)
  • Insurance against cybercrime attacks
  • Contract works insurance
  • Business interruption cover
  • Protection against loss of licence
  • Club vehicle cover
  • Cover against loss of food if the refrigeration system breaks down ...

And of course, there's travel insurance for club members to consider when it comes to those away fixtures.

Whatever cover requirements we arrange for you, typically there will just be one single premium to be paid for your bespoke policy. That will keep things nice and simple.

We will discuss these and other options in more detail when we contact you after you've completed our enquiry form. It will only take a minute, so just select the Get Quote button to get started.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Club Insurance

Get your sports club's equipment covered

Why choose our sports club insurance?

We offer the best service when it comes to sports club insurance because of our access to the whole of the UK insurance market.

This means we know exactly how to find the best policies for any club and any facility, from golf course insurance... to sports complex insurance... insurance for gymnastics facilities... and for the equipment used there.

We also know how to find the best policies for the business side of your club as well - such as insurance cover for employers' liability, indemnity and protection against financial loss due to a business interruption.

So whatever your club needs to insure, we'll get it covered for you at the best available price - and fast!

Should you ever need to, you can rely on our excellent handling of any claim process you start.

We've been doing this for more than 20 years, so we've got the knowledge and experience of how sports club insurance companies operate - and we'd be delighted to use that knowledge and experience to help you.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Club Insurance

We can cover any type of sports facility, gym or leisure centre

Our excellent claims handling

Usually, once any kind of insurance policy is up and running, the contract specifies the claims process and payments are strictly between the claimant and the insurer.

But unlike so many other sports club insurance brokerages, once we've found you the most suitable insurance we're always here to help.

We can order a claim form for you from your insurer, and in many cases, we can help you complete it correctly to prevent the risk of any kind of potential insurance problems later.

Quote Sports Insurance - Sports Club Insurance

Cover starts from just £4 per month

Choose Quote Sports Insurance for Sports Club Insurance - complete our online form to find out more!

Sports Club Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of sports clubs do you insure?

We're not a registered sports club – can you insure us?

How do I arrange insurance for my sports club or facilities?


Need help? Just contact us!

So all you have to do is contact us should you ever need our help for any aspect of sports club insurance - whether it's to do with equipment insurance, sports public liability insurance, professional indemnity cover, business interruption cover - in fact, anything you've asked us to provide cover for, we're here to help.

If you'd like to know more about the ways we can help arrange any kind of cover for sports clubs of all shapes and sizes, our team is here to answer your questions you may have, so get in touch!