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Sports Life Insurance features at a glance

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Can you afford those everyday expenses while you're recovering from a critical illness or injury?

Could your family meet those expenses if you're no longer there to support them?

What is life and critical illness cover for sports?

If you sustain a specific critical injury or illness, you will receive a one-off tax-free lump sum. Typically this could be used to pay off your mortgage or assist you financially during recovery. In the event of your death, that tax-free lump sum will go to your family.

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Pay off your mortgage

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Assist you financially during recovery

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Leave to your family, in the event of your death

Does Sports Life Insurance cover every kind of sport?

When we're finding life insurance policies that offer financial protection for policyholders and their loved ones, we work with every kind of life insurance provider. Some life insurance companies are more than happy to provide cover for those who enjoy dangerous activities with a higher risk of fatality, such as base jumping and other extreme sports.

We also obtain life insurance policies from other insurance providers who, after looking at the risks involved in what most people would call hobbies - say, perhaps, even off-road motorcycling - tell us that those activities are considered extreme sports.

Although each provider of life insurance for sports that we deal with offers policies with certain restrictions (and that's down to many factors) we're sure to find you the most suitable life insurance quotes. So you can enjoy any kind of sport knowing that you and your loved ones are financially protected in case of any mishap - whether sports related or not.

Can I get life insurance for extreme sports?

Not every insurance company offers life insurance for extreme sports, but we work with many companies providing life cover for those who enjoy any kind of extreme sports - however crazy they may be.

So, short answer: yes, we can get you life insurance for extreme sports of all types, no worries there!

Does Sports Life Insurance also cover non-sporting accidents?

Yes, sports life insurance isn't just to help with income in the event of a disabling or fatal sports injury - it's also a form of personal accident insurance, so you've got overall protection for yourself and financial security for your family.

Why choose us for Sports Life Insurance?

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Should I take out any additional cover when taking out sports life insurance?

Although taking out life insurance to cover extreme sports will offer protection for the most serious of cases, it's also a good idea to consider other types of cover we can combine with your life insurance.

Fracture cover

If your choice of sport involves a lot of hard impacts that could result in injury, we recommend taking out fracture cover. This will provide you with a lump sum of up to £6,000 in the event of a specified fracture - whether or not it's sports-related. This benefit will cover most sports, even some extreme sports.

Income protection

This is a form of personal accident insurance, giving you overall protection should any accident or sports-related injury prevent you from earning an income. This policy can also cover dangerous and extreme sports.

Sports Health Insurance

This is a medical insurance policy combining cover for sports injuries with all the typical benefits of standard health insurance. This means you've got personal accident cover whilst taking part in your sports, as well as cover for any health problems that could occur at any time. Benefits include:

  • Coverage for all sports
  • Extreme sports covered
  • 24/7 coverage for accidents, injuries and illnesses at home, work or play
  • Fast-track NHS diagnostics
  • NHS and complementary treatments
  • Dental, optical and mental health cover
  • Cancer treatment

Sports Travel Insurance

Adding this type of cover means you can enjoy sports worldwide without worrying whether you're voiding the terms of your family holiday insurance policy. We can provide cover for:

  • Travel disruption or delay
  • Foreign medical treatment and repatriation
  • Possession loss, theft or damage
  • Cost of legal assistance

Will my high-risk job be covered by a Sports Life Insurance policy?

Absolutely - we deal with specialist insurers who offer cover for accidents in work environments where there is an increased risk to operatives. In addition, cover is also provided for taking part in high-risk activities such as hazardous hobbies.

Will Sports life insurance cover me if I'm self-employed?

Of course - it makes no difference whether you're an employee or you're self-employed, we're here to make sure you have the best possible cover, at the best possible price.

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Self employed? High risk trade?

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How much does sports life insurance cost?

That's not a question we can answer straight away - there are too many variables to take into account before we can come up with a selection of the lowest premiums giving you the right cover for you to consider. Those variables would typically include:

One thing we can tell you right away, though: when it comes to the cost of your sports life insurance premiums, we know you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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Sports Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

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