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Motorsport Personal Accident Insurance

Do you enjoy the thrill of racing around a track? Are you part of the intense and exhilarating motorsport industry? If you are, you will understand the importance of motorsport insurance. It is more than likely you already have storage and transit insurance, motor club insurance or even event liabilities insurance, but what about personal accident insurance cover? Do you protect yourself?

Personal accident cover is one of the essential specialist insurance you need if you take part in motorsport. Without it, you can be left with hefty medical expenses and risk losing income. The biggest question is, are you an insured person?

Personal accident policies are available here at Quote Sports Insurance. We are the UK's number one insurance broker for a range of sports, including motorsport insurance. Motorsport UK recommends taking out accident cover with an appointed insurance broker like us. To find out more, get in touch with us today!

Why choose us for Motorsport Injury Insurance?

Comprehensive panel of motorsport insurance companies

Choice of motorsport insurance products

Extreme motorsport insurance options

Free quote and motorsport insurance comparison service

What type of Motorsport Injury Insurance cover do you require?

Income Protection Cover

Could you pay essential bills if you couldn't work due to an injury?

Life & Critical Illness Cover

How would your family cope if the worst should happen to you?

Sports Medical Insurance

How would you feel about the long waiting lists under the NHS?

What can our Motorsport Injury Insurance cover?

Accidental death

Bodily injury that causes disabilities

Provide lump sums for fractures, dislocations, tendon and ligament tears

Medical expenses

Loss of income

Every personal accident policy can be targeted around you and your specific needs.
We specialise in motorsport injury insurance, not event cancellation or motor trader's insurance.

How does Motorsport Injury Insurance work?

Once you have decided that you need motorsport injury insurance, all you need to do is speak to one of our team about the insurance products we can offer you. As insurance experts in the UK, we can find the right policy for you and your specific needs.

Motorsport governing bodies work directly with some of the insurance deals we provide to ensure they are designed to protect you should you become injured.

Please remember that if you do extreme sports or dangerous sports such as motorsport, where the risk of injury is more likely, this must be declared when talking to one of our injury insurance brokers. We need to ensure the liability insurance aspect is covered. Whether you race regularly at a local track day or spend your time training, you need to have the right injury insurance policy.

If you do not disclose the correct information when taking out the premium insurance policy, it could void the cover, meaning you would be left stuck should you get injured.

Choose Quote Sports Insurance for Motorsport Injury Insurance today!

Do you have the right cover when taking part in motorsports? Do you have transit, car and equipment insurance whilst forgetting to protect yourself? It is more than likely that is the case.

Our team at Quote Sports Insurance is on hand to provide you with the highest quality care in the insurance market today. Our team are passionate about ensuring you find the best motorsport injury insurance today. Get in touch to find out more!

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