Quote Sports Insurance - Ultimate UK Motocross Resource Guide

Ultimate UK Motocross Resource Guide

While UK motocross is in a good place at the moment, with a large number of clubs and tracks available to those starting out or returning to the sport, navigating the scene is not always easy. To help riders, we have created the ultimate UK motocross resource guide, compiling an extensive list of clubs, tracks, forums and magazines to help you find exactly what you need.

Quote Sports Insurance - Types of Motorsport Explained

Types of Motorsport Explained

Whether it involves cars, motorcycles, boats or powered aircraft, motorsport often pushes competitors to the very limit. In this article, we take a deeper look at the various types of motorsport on offer, exploring what each involves and the races and events that define that particular discipline.

Quote Sports Insurance - Buyer's Guide to Sports Insurance

Buyer's Guide to Sports Insurance

Customers often approach us with a host of interesting questions concerning sports insurance. With this in mind, we wanted to create a comprehensive buyer’s guide to sports insurance that includes many of our most frequently asked questions.

Quote Sports Insurance - Types of Sports Insurance Explained

Types of Sports Insurance Explained

The UK is home to a remarkable number of sports lovers. In 2023, around 63% of over-16s regularly participated in sports. That’s roughly two out of every three people. In this article, we explain the various types of sports insurance and explore how they protect you and who they are for.

Quote Sports Insurance - Mountain Biking Insurance Buyer's Guide

Mountain Biking Insurance: A Buyer's Guide

While many mountain biking injuries are relatively minor, the nature of the sport exposes participants to a greater risk of hospitalisation. In this comprehensive buyer’s guide, we explore the risks involved in riding, what specialist mountain biking insurance covers you for, and how to choose the right policy.

Quote Sports Insurance - Rock Climbing Insurance

Rock Climbing Insurance - What You Need to Know

In this complete guide to rock climbing insurance, we examine why specialist climbing insurance is essential, who it benefits, when you need it and what you should look for in an insurer. By the end, you will have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on how best to protect yourself financially.

Quote Sports Insurance - Motocross Beginners Guide

Motocross - A Beginner's Guide

Maybe you watched the MXGP GB online or regularly drive past your local MX track. Maybe your little one is obsessed with bikes and hitting the age where they can start riding themselves. Whatever the reason, you are interested in motocross and need help getting involved with the local scene and starting your MX journey. So, where to begin?

Quote Sports Insurance - Navigating Sports Injury Risks

Navigating Injury Risks in Sports

From weekend warriors to professionals, invest in enhancing their physical fitness and honing their skills, the financial implications of potential injuries often lurk in the background, unnoticed until it's too late. This article aims to shed light on the importance of safeguarding oneself against the financial strains that sports-related injuries can impose.

Quote Sports Insurance - Cricket Sports Injury Insurance

Make sure you're Match Ready

Cricket is that most English of international games bringing together the glorious combination of power, skill, speed, spin and timing. It takes practice, commitment and fitness to bring your best to the game.

Quote Sports Insurance - Rugby Sports Injury Insurance

The Fine Tradition of Rugby

Rugby has famously been described as a game for thugs played by gentleman and it is easy to see why. Few games have such fine traditions, though some are more helpful to the body than others.

Quote Sports Insurance - Golf Sports Injury Insurance

It's Good to be Prepared

On a beautiful British day, little beats getting outside in the fresh air, hitting the fairway and teeing off. All golfers are at the mercy of 3 things though - their handicap, the weather and injury.

Quote Sports Insurance - Tennis Sports Injury Insurance

The Power of Preparation

Every professional tennis player knows that in reality the serious pre-match work starts way before the crowd begins cheering. Could your body and game benefit from doing the same?

Quote Sports Insurance - Football Sports Injury Insurance

Managing the Metatarsals

From the World Cup to jumpers for goalposts, football is well renowned for being the beautiful game. It really is a game of two halves where you can still pick up an injury no matter how carefully you play.

Quote Sports Insurance - Motocross Injury Cover

The Ups and Downs of Motocross

Motocross is one of the most accessible motorsports out there and undoubtedly one of the most awesome. But however well you ride or kitted out you are, it's a sport where you're likely to get hurt.