The Ups and Downs of Motocross

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Motocross – officially a sport where a motorcycle is taken over an off-road trail. Unofficially, a literally high-octane experience of rubber and rough, where riders take on the demands of a dirt track in an intense mix of speed, guts and seriously skilled moves. Motocross is one of the most accessible motorsports out there and undoubtedly one of the most awesome.

On a trail packed with twists, turns and jumps that beg for tricks, it is essential you ride fit and that you ride with the right gear. After your motocross bike, the most important choices you make are the type of helmet, boots and goggles you wear. These are your first line of protection so quality is key. Other good equipment to go with is a neck brace and a knee brace along with gloves and some motocross socks.

The premise of an extreme sport is a high level of risk though. Whether you are an amateur, semi-pro or pro, accidents and injuries happen. One of the problems when you are living on the edge is that occasionally you ride straight over it, fall and break something – like your bike, or worse your body. However well you ride or well kitted out you are, motocross is a sport where you are likely to get hurt at some point. In fact, 95% of riders suffer an injury of some sort.

Most accidents in motocross happen when taking a bend in the course or colliding with a fellow rider. Freestyle motocross also accounts for a lot of accidents because just sometimes you stack that trick rather than smash it.

Quote Sports Insurance - Motocross Insurance
Quote Sports Insurance - Motocross Insurance

Injuries can happen to even the best, just ask Ben Watson. Currently riding high in the FIM Motocross World Championship, last year’s British Motocross Championship winner found his career on hold a couple of seasons ago when he sustained a serious foot injury during a race. He naturally bounced back to form, but had to take a big chunk of time out first.

The top 5 injuries sustained in the sport are a broken collarbone, an AC joint sprain, a broken wrist, an ACL rupture and a broken ankle. Recovery times for these range between 1 week and 1 year, so it is well worth taking out some motorsport insurance cover. Expect the best, but prepare for the rest.

Insurance is a good move because an accident can cause you to lose not only time on track, but time at work as well. Not earning soon starts to cost and treatment can also eat into your monthly budget. So along with choosing your bike and safety gear, the other important choice you need to make in motocross is your extreme motorsport cover. Whether you are a professional, instructor or amateur, employed or self-employed, we offer the best injury cover at the best price for all motorsports – no matter how extreme!

Motocross gives you an action-packed adrenaline rush, but it can also give out a few injuries along the way, so contact us to get a quick quote or use our live chat to discuss which policy is best for you. Get some good cover so all you have to concentrate on is the ride.