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Most road-legal quad bike owners and racers have quad bike insurance cover, but the main question is, do you cover yourself for injury?

Most people concur that the most important factor is protecting your income, but do you have a quad bike cover that offers injury protection? Chances are you won't.

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Personal Injury Quad Bike Racing Insurance

Accidents or injuries incurred while operating a quad bike might be disastrous without quad bike injury insurance. If you cannot work, you may be in a scenario where you cannot pay your essential bills, which might quickly lead to financial issues.

When purchasing quad bike injury insurance, it can take time to comprehend what the cover offers. If you become ill or wounded and cannot work, our income protection policy will provide you with an income. This enables you to compete in whatever sport or activity you choose, in this case, quad bike racing, while being confident that, in the worst-case scenario, you'll still be able to support yourself financially.

What can we offer you?

Whether you're a professional rider, an experienced amateur or new to the sport, the possibility of injury can never be ruled out. Quad Bike Racing injury insurance should be an essential part of any Quad Bike Racing rider’s kit.

Quote Sports Insurance can help you find the best Quad Bike Racing injury insurance. Our services include access to:

What type of Quad Bike Racing cover do you require?

Income Protection

I need an income
if I can't work...

Life Insurance

If I'm critically injured,
I need a lump sum...

Health Insurance

If I'm injured, I want to
get it sorted quickly...

How serious can Quad Bike Racing Injuries Be?

Why should I have Quad Bike Racing Injury Insurance?

From farming to racing, quad bikes can be utilised for various tasks. Quad racing can undoubtedly be an exciting and demanding sport, and thrills and spills are a typical component of this activity. You may race your bike using third-party insurance for fire and theft, which is fine, but you also need to consider how you insure yourself should something go wrong.

Whatever you do with your quad bike, riders are not safe from getting hurt in an accident. These injuries include torn ligaments in the knee, broken legs, arms, ribs, and even fingers and thumbs.

These quad bike injuries can easily keep you out of work for months at a time, resulting in a significant decline in income, primarily if you work for yourself or your employer doesn't offer sick pay. With this kind of quad bike insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you'll always have money to live on, even if you're off work. Since our policy provides round-the-clock coverage, you won't need to worry about showing that your injury was caused by a quad bike.

One of the main reasons quad bikers choose to use Quote Sports Insurance is for the care and attention they receive; with a vast selection of insurers that cover quad bike racing, you will love the service you receive from our team, including the after care.

Other quad bike insurance premiums protect your road-legal quad bikes through breakdown cover, track day cover and more, whereas we protect you the rider. Our policy covers you for injury whilst riding your quad bike.

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