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We believe you should be covered by personal accident insurance and liability insurance; however, we specialise in offering income protection coverage to anyone who is part of the Martial Arts Association or participates in kickboxing.

Income Protection Cover For Kickboxing Injuries

Whether you're a professional fighter, an experienced amateur or new to the sport, the possibility of injury can never be ruled out. Injury insurance should be an essential part of any kickboxing fighter's kit. Kickboxing is part of mixed martial arts, which can be a dangerous sport to get involved in. Martial arts instructors will always do their best to teach you the right way of fighting, but you can still get hurt.

Here at Quote Sports Insurance, we offer insurance for when you get injured, and if you need medical treatment, you may need tailored cover to ensure income protection. Our team believe income protection should be a priority for fighters that will lose their income should they be unable to work due to a kickboxing injury. Areas of insurance we do not cover are travel insurance, equipment cover, employers' liability cover or legal liability; we specialise in an insurance policy that provides income protection.

What type of Kickboxing cover do you require?

Income Protection

I need an income
if I can't work...

Life Insurance

If I'm critically injured,
I need a lump sum...

Health Insurance

If I'm injured, I want to
get it sorted quickly...

Why do I need Kickboxing Insurance?

When it comes to kickboxing, if you have taken part in it already, you will know it is high-energy, high-risk physical combat, meaning it can end in injury and be quite dangerous depending on the level you fight at.

Offering injury insurance for a sport such as a kickboxing is essential to our team. We understand that the policyholder needs to be protected due to the high-risk nature; if you want to find out more, reach out to our team. We are always happy to help with kickboxing injury insurance and martial arts events.

Quote Sports Insurance can help you find the best Kickboxing injury insurance. Our services include access to the following:

What is Kickboxing Insurance?

The insurance cover you will get from our kickboxing injury insurance has been designed around financially protecting you if you get injured whilst participating in the sport. Each policy covers kickboxers for training sessions and competitions.

If you take part in kickboxing in the UK and have been looking for insurance products with a wide range of benefits, you are in the right place; our insurance coverage here at Quote Sports Insurance can offer you plenty. It covers areas such as broken bones, physiotherapy, dental costs and income protection, with the ability to add additional cover should you require it.

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When it comes to buying sports insurance, it can be incredibly complicated but our team here at Quote Sports Insurance are on hand to help you every step of the way. We have made it our mission to become the UK's number-one kickboxing injury insurance provider and our brokers are highly skilled and have significant knowledge and understanding of the sport.

Our kickboxing injury insurance is built around your needs so whether you need income protection, fracture cover, life and critical illness insurance or sports medical insurance, we are the company for you.

To find out more information, please reach out to one of our team members today, we are always more than happy to help you.

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