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When searching for personal accident and sports insurance, rugby is one of the most dangerous sports you can play. With catastrophic injuries happening regularly, having specialist insurance is essential to ensure you are covered.

The rugby insurance we offer here at Quote Sports Insurance is ideal for those playing the sport either at home or abroad within both semi-professional and amateur capacities, we also have one option for rugby injury insurance for professional players, but you will need to speak to our team regarding this policy.

Some of our rugby injury insurance policies come with fixed benefits, but others are subject to the specific policy; for example, you can get personal accident cover by itself or tie-in medical expense cover. As your sports insurance specialists, we can help anyone playing rugby ensure they are covered for injury.

Please bear in mind we specialise in income protection cover, medical costs and loss of earnings through our rugby insurance; we do not provide sports travel or public liability cover; choose our team for rugby injury insurance and free multi-sports cover.

Why do you need Rugby Insurance?

If you play rugby, you already know the risk that comes with the game, and there is no way to avoid the fact that rugby is hazardous. Whether you play amateur rugby or play in a rugby league, you might need income protection cover or public liability insurance cover if you run a club.

Here at Quote Sports Insurance, we can provide insurance policies covering head injuries, spinal injuries, and much more.

More often than not, rugby leads to minor injuries, but it has also resulted in injuries such as traumatic brain injury, so make sure you have the right cover in place should the worst happen!

Having a rugby insurance policy won't minimise your chance of being injured. Still, it will help should anything happen to you on the field, sports insurance is designed to ensure you are protected at all costs. In the same way, as your employers' liability insurance would cover you should something happen at work, our insurance cover will help if you are injured severely during your chosen sport.

Sports injury insurance is the best option for income protection cover, and to give you peace of mind, you will be financially stable whilst you recover from your rugby injury.

Most insurance policies might not cover you when you are playing the sport. Helping you with insurance that is specifically for rugby and any other issues you have is what we are here to do. Be sure to take out your rugby insurance policy today!

What type of Rugby cover do you require?

Income Protection

I need an income
if I can't work...

Life Insurance

If I'm critically injured,
I need a lump sum...

Health Insurance

If I'm injured, I want to
get it sorted quickly...

Choose our Personal Accident Insurance today

Whether you're a professional player, an experienced amateur or new to the sport, the possibility of injury can never be ruled out. Rugby injury insurance should be an essential part of any Rugby player's kit.

Quote Sports Insurance can help you find the best Rugby injury insurance. Our services include access to:

Are Rugby tournaments covered?

It may surprise you that not all rugby insurance policies cover you for rugby tournaments. Still, here at Quote Sports Insurance, we understand you want to play competitively, so we have made it so; our sports insurance policies cover you for any competitive matches you play, along with recreational games.

Whether playing a friendly game with your club or striving for that county cup, our rugby insurance still stands.

This is always the case unless stated otherwise in your policy. Be sure to speak with us before the date you purchase your cover, and we will be able to tailor your rugby insurance to your exact needs.

Get in touch for Rugby Injury Insurance today

If you have any other questions or queries regarding the rugby insurance cover we can provide you here at Quote Sports Insurance, reach out to our team today. Our friendly team is always on hand to help you find the best policy.

With our easy-to-follow monthly payment plans, you will have access to the highest quality insurance for rugby players; we are the number one sports injury insurance broker in the country; let us find the right policy for you!

Our policies cover individuals, so if you need rugby insurance to cover a coach or a team, please contact us today. This process would need to be tailored to your exact needs.

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