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It does not matter whether you are competing at 30cm events or 90cm+; show jumping can be a dangerous sport should an accidental injury occur. With our show jumping injury insurance policy, you will be protected at all costs, whether you need amateur or professional riders' cover.

It can be challenging to take time off when you're injured and unable to work. It can be particularly challenging for those who are active as part of their line of work, such as those in the equestrian sector, to suddenly become sedentary.

Show jumping Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Financial ramifications exist in show jumping; if you are injured whilst competing, it can risk your ability to work. How do you plan to pay your bills? Can you provide for any dependents? When you should be concentrating on your recovery, working yourself up with these fears is not helpful.

Due to their inherent dangers, horseback riding and show jumping are among the riskiest sports in the UK. An accident incurred when working with horses or competing in the ring could prevent you from working for several weeks, months, or even permanently. Anyone who participates does so at their own risk.

Hence, it's crucial to take horse rider insurance as a requirement. Our show jumping injury insurance policy covers a range of areas, from income protection to personal accident cover.

What Can We Offer You?

Whether you're a professional rider, an experienced amateur or new to the sport, the possibility of injury can never be ruled out. Showjumping injury insurance should be essential to any Showjumping rider's kit.

Quote Sports Insurance can help you find the best Showjumping injury insurance. Our services include access to:

What type of Showjumping cover do you require?

Income Protection

I need an income
if I can't work...

Life Insurance

If I'm critically injured,
I need a lump sum...

Health Insurance

If I'm injured, I want to
get it sorted quickly...

Why choose us for Showjumping insurance?

At Quote Sports Insurance, our staff has years of experience ensuring that clients are financially taken care of and that their income is protected at the critical moment.

Personal accident coverage levels vary, so speaking with one of our consultants can help you choose the level of protection best suits your needs.

By using a particular equine insurer for your horse-riding insurance, you can be confident that they are familiar with your company's needs and will make every effort to assist you in getting back on your feet.

Our team can work with you to ensure you know your rights when it comes to legal liability and also works with a third-party property should the incident happen at an event venue; putting your trust in us to keep your finances safe with our insurance policy is the best thing for you, don't forget, you are more than likely to have horse insurance, make sure you insure yourself.

Our team can work with you to ensure that your finances remain secure should you get injured; if you are searching for liability insurance or property damage, you need to look at our sports club insurance services. To find out more, fill in an online quote form, and we will be in touch!

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